Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get some shirts made! How much do they cost?

Well… the answer is a little more involved than just “How much do they cost?”.  Price is determined by several factors, including: the style and color of the garment, the number of colors in the design, the number of print locations (Front? Back? Sleeve?), and finally the number of total pieces in your order.  Your best bet is to contact us with as much information as you have available and we’ll help you get things narrowed down from there.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do at larger quantities.  Please contact to see if you qualify.

Can I bring in my own shirts for you to print or embroider?

Absolutely.  However, screen printing and embroidery are very physical processes and misprints do happen.  We make every effort to avoid mishaps, but Covey’s WILL NOT BE RESPOSIBLE to replace or reimburse the cost of misprinted customer items.

Is there a minimum quantity I can order?

Yes.  The minimum order for custom screen printed items is 12pcs.  Minimums on promotional items varies widely by item… please contact your sales representative for info regarding the specific items you are interested in.

There is no minimum order on embroidery items.

I need an order FAST! How long does it take?

Screen printing and embroidery generally have a 2 week production time depending on complexity of your order. Our production is general organized on a first in/first out basis, however, we understand circumstances sometimes require a tighter turn or a specific completion date and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. Please give us a call and let us know what your schedule requirements are and we’ll do our best to work within those parameters.

Production time on promotional items varies widely by item… please contact your sales representative for info regarding the specific items you are interested in.

HELP! I picked up my order last week, but now I need a few more!! What do I do?

Just give us a call.  We know how it is… there are always a few stragglers in every group, or maybe your new shirts are just so cool everybody is wanting one!  Covey’s will print a ONE TIME reorder, holding the price and waiving the minimum order requirements, if the order is placed within 2 weeks of the original order.  After that any reorder will be subject to normal pricing and minimum order requirements.

How and when do I pay?

Covey’s asks for a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed, with the balance being due upon receipt of the order.  The only exceptions are orders placed using a school district purchase order.

Covey’s Promotions accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and checks… and of course CASH! American Express customers will be asked to pay a small surcharge to help compensate for the outrageous fees American Express charges retailers.

I am a business or a non-profit organization, do I have to pay sales tax?

All orders will be charged sales tax unless the customer has a valid Sales Tax Exemption form on file with Covey’s Promotions.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please contact with any questions.

How do I care for my new shirt?
  • Turn shirt inside out and machine wash in cold on the gentle cycle.
  • Do Not iron directly over any printed/embroidered areas.
  • To prevent shrinkage and help maintain vibrancy, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Do not dry clean printed items. (Seriously, who dry cleans a t-shirt?)
  • For designs with Bling/Rhinestone elements, the above instructions are ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT.

        Always hang dry shirts with any bling!!

Does Covey’s Promotions guarantee their work?

Absolutely!  We are proud of the work we do and stand behind every item we produce.  To help ensure quality, each customer will be emailed an approval document prior to the production of your order.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT the customer reviews the information on the approval form, double checking ALL information is correct.  (Especially checking for spelling errors… we are artists and printers, not English majors!  🙂 )  Once the orders are approved for production, Covey’s Promotions guarantees your order will be produced to those exact specifications or we will make it right.